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localized prostate cancer which is being treated with conventional radio therapy. it says that the prognosis is excellent and they're not expected to be any significant side effects. now the american cancer society says two-thirds of men diagnosed with prostate cancer are diagnosed when they're over 56. governor brown is 74 years old. one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and good to say that the death rates are low if caught early and we're told that that is the case with the governor. now the governor's office says he is working a regular workload and let me just add that he made a personal experience this morning in san jose, at a regularly scheduled event and they said he appeared healthy, upbeat and witty and they had no indication that this news was yet to come. so a good prognosis, it appears, at this point,
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reporting live in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> rita told us he has localized prostate cancer. that's cancer confined to the prostate gland and has not spread elsewhere in the body. that usually means it's easily treated and more easily cured. there will be more than 240,000 more cases of all types of prostate cancer in the u.s. this year and there will be more than 28,000 deaths from prostate cancer. >> a federal judge approved a plan for a court appointed director to oversee the oakland police department. city officials agreed to the term of the plan. the director will have broad authority including the power to dismiss the police chief but the plan falls short of a federal take over. the court decision stems from a decade old police brutality lawsuit that claims that rogue
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officers called the writers beat or framed suspects. >> the moments before two people were left bound and gagged right in the middle of a street in san francisco. one of them later died. david is here now and tells us it appears that these victims were specifically targeted. >> that's right. prosecutors revealed details about what they is a lead up to the victims being bound and gagged in the street but there's many questions about what lead up to this crime. >> the one thing that we can say with no uncertainty is this is a brutal case. two entered not guilty pleas in their court appearance this afternoon. >> not guilty, sir. >> we were not allowed to film their faces. the 21 year old and 23 year old and 31 year reeled are charged with murder and assault. they entered this house and
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viciously assaulted 26 year old steven reid and audi. she was gagged with a sock and they hustled into an suv. one of the suspects shot reid in the neck. the victims were dumped about a half mile away. reid died a few hours later at san francisco general hospital. >> certainly the family victim who survived was very badly beaten. whether they were trying to send a message to someone else, it's early in the investigation. >> bell and leech and 19 year old miller face accessory to murder and conspiracy to destroy evidence charges for allegedly trying to scrub evidence from the suv at this house. a sign post there had this afternoon warned reporters stay away. since attorneys this afternoon began to work on trying to clear their client. >> he's addment that he did not commit this crime and looked forward to proceeding to court. >> prosecutors say it's not clear what sparked the violence.
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coming up at 6:00, the connection prosecutors are exploring between the suspects and the victims. >> for now, reporting live, david stevenson, channel 2 news. >> the suspect in the kidnapping and killing of sierra lamar returns to court. as you will see at 5:30 he looks a lot different from when this picture was taken right after he was arrested. >> reports of a possible gas leak lead to a smelter in place order at two schools this morning. someone reported the smell of gas at about 10:45 in the area. that triggered the shelter in place order for john f. baldwin elementary and charlotte wood middle school. they did not find the leak and the order was lifted before noon. >> pittsburgh police announced the arrest of a suspect from a shooting that left one paralyzed. he was taken into custody late this morning and a second suspect, kenneth thompson is
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still at large. officers arrested anderson at his home on steven drive. he's being charged for the attempted murder on the october 21st shooting on east 10th street. an active search warrant is underway for the second suspect that's also wanted by police in connection with another attempted murder. >> tonight, there is shock, sorrow and also some hope for the one surviving victim of that mall shooting in oregon. earlier today authorities released the thames of the victims and -- the names of the victims and shooters. they also released dispatch tapes. >> have multiple shell casings and one 1244. i have another unknown victim east. >> it's jammed and there's a mag alligator out here fully loaded. >> police dispatch audio paints a chilling picture t sheriff's department said jacob tyler roberts of portland was armed with a stolen ar 15 semi automatic rifle along with several fully loaded magazines
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and he was wearing a hockey mask. police say he picked his victims at random wands say they heard him is a i am the shooter as he was firing. >> he came in there on a mission. he ran in there fast. i mean, it was -- it was just unbelievable. >> the two people killed in the shooting were the 54 year old and 45 year old. a third victim, 15 year is still in the hospital and listed in serious condition. investigators say roberts later shot and killed himself. the sheriff called the shooting a horrific act of violence but also said it could have been a whole lot worse. >> 10,000 people in the mall at one time kept a level head and got themselves out of the mall and helped others get out. >> the sheriff also sodium at one point the gunman's rifle jammed and that gave more people time to get away. >> many people would be effected by this terrible act of violence every day for the rest of their lives.
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>> at this point investigators say they have no motive for the attack and they also say that the gunman had no significant criminal history and appeared to have acted alone and without any warning. >> software pioneer arrived in the u.s. an hour ago after weeks on the run from authorities in beliz. they deported him today and put him on a flight to miami. an airline spokesman said he was taken off the plane by federal authorities before anyone else. authorities went to question him about his neighbors murder. he requested asylum and was denied instead for entering the country illegally. he did avoid deportation to beliz. >> north korea launched a long range rocket after saying it would be delayed by technical problems. the government said the rocket carried a satellite. it was previously said they're
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a cover for testing long range missile. >> it appears that lawmakers are no closer to an agreement. a combination of tax increases and deep spending cuts will kick in next month if congress fails to act. nancy blamed republicans for the delay today but gop leaders are blaming the president. >> what are we waiting for? what other information? is there a dove that's going to fly in with a message tied to his leg. >> the president is calling for $1.4 trillion worth of revenue, that cannot pass the how or the senate. >> boehner said he spoke openly and honestly with president obama yesterday but they have serious differences. boehners plan includes 800 billion in new taxes, half of what the president proposed. >> the unemployment rate will stay high for three more years.
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>> the conditions now prevailing in the job market show an enormous waste of human and economic potential. >> the federal reserve released the latest economic forecast after the final meeting of the year. he predicted unemployment will fall to 7.4% next year but won't drop below 6.5% until the end of 2015. he also suggested that the fed will keep short-term interest rates low until that time. on wall street today the dow fell about 3 points, nasdaq closed down 8 and a half and the s&p 500 was up more than half a point. >> talk about quick thinking, two san francisco police officers are being credited tonight with saving the life of a newborn baby boy. alex savage live in the bay view district with the critical decision the officers made after the baby's mother gave birth in the middle of a street there. >> well, the newborn wasn't breathing so the officers decided to drive him to the hospital themselves as opposed to waiting for an ambulance to
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arrive. this dramatic rescue unfolded inside a moving patrol car. one officer was behind the wheel. the second officer in the passenger seat giving the baby cpr. >> it took those officers just two minutes to get to the hospital. by that time, the newborn baby boy was breathing. the lieutenant calls it a heroic act by two outstanding members of the department. >> they made extraordinary decisions and the right decisions and got that small child to the hospital and saved the baby's life. >> this all began with a 911 call around 2:00 this morning from the providence foundation emergency homeless shelter near third street. a woman came to the door covered in blood saying she had just given birth. >> thank goodness the shelter was here when she came and needed help and staff was here to assist here. >> when officers showed up they found a man holding tun responsive newborn baby wrapped in a jacket. one officers, a former paramedic knew the boy was in
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trouble so he decided to start cpr and head straight to the er. both officers that made the life saving trip to the hospital are fathers of young children. >> both of them thought about their own children as this was occurring and they were pleased with the outcome. >> neither of the two officers wanted to talk to us on camera today. their lieutenant told us they are still process everything they went through. meantime the special victims unit is investigating the circumstances surrounding this birth. detectives will be interviewing the mother but late this afternoon a spokesman for the department told me she more than likely will be facing charges. ktvu channel 2 news. >> in 14 minutes we go inside the bedroom of a two year old girl that narrowly missed being seriously hurt even killed when a suspected drunk driver rammed her apartment. how her dad took action moments after this crash. >> the regional parks district is introducing the newest member of its police force.
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today park police accepted the gift of a patrol horse from the regional parks foundation. you see here it's a 12 year old quarter horse fully trained for the job. he'll help them get to open space areas off the path. >> we can get on him and ride him for an hour and never bump into anybody. you have a lot of hikers and backpackers that get injured so it helps us check it out. >> he'll also help them with public relations because everyone love ace horse and it's good for the children to help them relate to the officers and hopefully encourage them to make use of the park system. >> the tide is low right now but it could be at it's highest point tomorrow. we'll tell you what time the king tide will roll in. >> tracker 2 now showing a few light scattered showers around the bay but it is going to get really, really cold tonight. how cold in your neighborhood? i'll have the specifics well, well, well.
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if you live along the coast you might want to use extra caution because tomorrow we'll see the biggest tides of the year. today some parts of the bay area experienced minor flooding. how high the king tide is expected to be and what that will mean, ken? >> we look back here in the waters off the pacific, actually the tide is at it's lowest point all day long but tomorrow morning around 10:00 a.m. we could see the highest tide of the year, the so-called king tide and in some lower lying areas around the bay, minor flooding is expected. >> this is high tide this morning. the waters of the bay topping in san francisco. >> i used to run by here a lot. >> and expect to see this again when the king tide arrives. >> it will be higher tomorrow by just a little bit.
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just a hair. >> mary jane from the national marine sanctuary showed us the golden gate tide station. >> there's an underwater cable that runs across the bay floor. >> this is where the tide and sea level have been recorded for more than 150 years. as for tomorrow -- >> we're due for 7.2-foot high tide tomorrow around 10:45 or so here. >> we should see more of what we saw there and more video like we saw this morning from news chopper 2. high tide to ocean beach where the water was noticeably higher and in the bay such as here in heyward where low lying marsh lands for inthen dated. >> even yesterday we saw where the higher tides closed highway 101 for a short time. the king tide expected to come
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in between 10:00 and 11:00 tomorrow morning. as this moves there. ktvu channel 2 news. >> developers face new fees in mountain view. the city council voted this week in favor of a $10 per square foot fee on rental developments. they also raised the fee to $10 per square foot for office development. it remains the same, $9.50 a square foot. the new fees are set to go into effect on february. >> attending the board and aircraft with a concealed weapon here in california. >> he'll be sentenced next week on this charge what carried the maximum penalty of ten years in prison : he said he had four loaded handguns and a knife as you prepared to board a u.s. airways flight to alaska in march. >> it happened to years ago and tonight police say they finally solved it. three people are now in custody
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for the is stabbing death of a high school football player. he was in court this afternoon as the three made their first appearance before a judge. >> it's been nearly two years since the stabbing death of the 17 year old football player and for the first time today we got a look at the suspects accused of murder in this criminal complaint. i was there in the courtroom today when the three of them were arraigned via video conference from where they're being held. our camera was not allowed in the courtroom today. the judge told me his denial was for today only because he wants the defendants to have attorneys before agreeing to cameras in the courtroom and that there's no witness identification issues. they didn't have a problem with that because they released mug shots of the suspects. they with danielle and rafael, all three are charged with murder around conspiracy to commit murder.
5:19 pm
according to police, two of them outlined an alleged month long conspiracy that allegedly involve involved multiple phone calls and texts to coordinate the attack and let them know where the victim was on december 15th, 2010 and what he was wearing. although he was not a gang member the suspects were alleged to have killed him for a gang retaliation. the families were in court today but didn't want to be seen on camera. the public defender told me why. >> they're just not part of this and they're concerned about their privacy and their safety. they don't know what to expect and would rather be private and not be on the news right now. >> do they feel threatened at this moment. >> i think they are concerned about being seen and associated with something that's not of their doing or making. >> so all the three suspects will make their next court appearance on monday. that's when they will be
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appointed an attorney. also worth noting, this criminal complaint also alleges a gang enhancement which makes them all eligible for stiffer penalties if convicted. >> it was back to work this morning for bay area crab fishermen. we told you yesterday at 5:00 they ended a week long strike by reaching a agreement with wholesalers. they raised the price back to $3 a pound. some expect to bring in fresh crabby late tonight. >> the dip in temperatures made for unsettled weather across the bay area today. there were stray showers here and there and it even hailed for a bit. a ktvu camera crew caught these pictures just as the hail started to come down. >> bill martin will help us explain that. >> a very cool weather pattern, i know you can tell that.
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the rainfall acumulation -- above average rainfall for right now like you did last night it's nice to get a quarter inch or half inch of rain. .5 of an inch and to me -- all rain is important. this is nuisance showers. these aren't adding up at all. when a weather system blows through like last night, quarter of an inch, half inch, those are the numbers you want to see. that's not what we got. how are we doing for bay area rainfall? we're great because we got the massive storm a week ago with rain -- push rainfall percentages from 70% to 150% but they're dropping quickly. just a couple of days ago it was 168% of average and with that little bit of rain it's down to average. it's harder to catch up and we need the rain to keep coming and we have more of the cold storms lined up.
5:22 pm
last week i said we have the wet storms coming, one right after another, we have a bunch, the storms lined up in the gulf of alaska and they're going to keepment cooing but they're like the last one we saw. at least that's how it looks right now. the next one is slated to get in here in the next 24 hoursor so and we'll talk about that. the current radar shows a few sprinkles out here east of dublin. a few sprinkles offshore. we had some reports as we showed you the pictures of hail, there's a little bit of instability out there that created some moments of hail. temperatures outside right now, it's 48 in concord, 50 in livermore and that's the headline. how cold it's going to get overnight. the ground is pet and patchy fog but the real concern will be for frostie conditions. we'll go below freezing in many neighborhoods. you'll probably get around freezing or just below. most of us about 35 degrees but you can get frost at 35 degrees. the winds outside are switching
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around and coming out of the west and the northwest and that's a good sign. that will help warm things up a little bit but when i come back i'll look at the next weather system. there's a few headed our way. it's another cold one. i'll let you know when it gets here. >> thank you, bill. a very close call, a rude awakening for two south bay children. what witnesses saw after a truck plowed into their home as they slept. >> also check this out. this is going 100 miles per hour. 100 miles per hour through the broadway tunnel in san francisco but what's really remarkable here is who is driving the car and who posted this on facebook
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two children in the south bay narrowly escape what could have been a disaterous situation early this morning. a truck crashed into their bedrooms while they were asleep inside. >> we're fine. say i'm okay. >> oreos for breakfast are okay today. the two year old and her family had a rough morning. this truck veered off east taylor street at about 3:30 a.m. and crashed into the villa apartments. this shot shows you the path the truck took straight into her bedroom. she was in her crib asleep when it happened. her father told us the impact knocked her into a dresser and left all this damage behind. >> i just happened to look in the bed and i seen the bed cracked and i didn't see my baby in there. i seen her on the ground and he
5:27 pm
was looking up and i grabbed her and she started crying. >> the truck also crashed into her 8 year old brother's room wrecking his room as well. he too though is okay. witnesses is a the truck was stuck inside the apartment. >> well, we saw that truck inside the room. half of the truck was inside. >> and the baby. >> the baby was -- they were looking for the baby under the bed. >> after making sure his children were all right dad went after the driver. >> i tried to get out there. i wasn't going to let him go. i jumped over but it was a lot of power cords and that's dangerous. i do construction and that's nothing to mess with. he tried to get off but it didn't happen. fire trucks and police and everybody came. >> this is the man police took into custody at the scene. austin of san jose. he is charged with driving under the influence and hit-and- run. >> the speed limit there on east taylor street is 30 miles per hour.
5:28 pm
one witness told police it looked like the driver was going about 70. >> authorities in the county are trying to locate the family of a man who was killed in car crash yesterday. it happened around noon just south of the observatory. highway patrol officers said the man was in his 50s and worked at the observatory. he was driving a pick up truck when officers say he somehow went off the road and crashed about 100 feet off the road and ended up dying at the scene. >> the speed limit is 35 miles per hour but was an off duty police officer doing 100 miles per hour. >> the suspect in the murder case makes a long awaited court appearance today. we'll show you why so many people were surprised by what they saw
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he's going way too fast and some people are furious over this video set to show a police officer on a 100-mile ride through the broadway tunnel. a comment posted about that joyride is making things even worse. he's live in the city about what we're about to show you on the officers facebook page anymore, right, john. >> that's right. this is the broadway tunnel which is known for having spears but a recent facebook posting could indicate an off duty san francisco police officer was one of the violators of the speed limit. >> the broadway tunnel that connects san francisco's china town and russian hill neighborhood has a speed limit
5:32 pm
of 35 miles per hour. >> here we go. >> but this video posted to the facebook page of san francisco police sergeant was entitled broadway tunnel 100 miles per hour and included a comment saying everybody was drunk at the time. you never see the officers face nor can you tell how fast it's going. >> it violates the public safety in the city. >> he talked to police chief sir about it. >> there's comments about it being a police officer. they're looking at that. >> the supervisor represents district 3 which includes the tunnel. >> this is absolutely dangerous and inappropriate behavior and we can't have folks going 100 miles per hour through the tunnel. >> they did have access to one similar to this one but not a
5:33 pm
convertible. >> they're going to take the appropriate actions and the chief assured me of that. >> interestly the posting was removed around the time i told the police union president about this video. his reaction, an exasperated look on his face. about those comments there were a number from other officers including ranking officers, none of whom was discussing this behavior. >> a california prison psychiatrist who was paid more than $800,000 last year is now under investigation. according to the san jose mercury news his pay included more than a half million dollars in pay for being on call. and there are allegations that he may have false identified some of his time records. he was reportedly suspended with pay in july from his job. his attorneys claimed they signed off on all the time sheets.
5:34 pm
he appeared in court today to look different from the last time we saw him. robert honda is here now with the new pictures of him and what happened today in court. >> well it has been a long time since the suspect showed up here at the hall of justice in san jose. when he emerged back into the public eye the impact was jarring. when he entered the courtroom today it was the first time people had seen him since he was charged with the murder and kidnapping in may. he was able to avoid showing up in court. >> the drastic change in his appearance, the long hair and weight loss was startling from the way he looked after his arrest. they said for them it felt like he came out of hiding. >> just to show his face in court, yeah, just basically come out and show his face. >> the district attorney's office added three attempted kidnapping charges from attacks on different women outside
5:35 pm
morgan hill safe way stores in 2009. steve clark says combining charges bolsters the case and points out it's part of the defense strategy. the portrayal of him when he was first arrested was very poor and they have to try to fix that. >> today's court appearance generated a surge of comments on websites. >> we are all hoping that one comment or one lead would give us a location of the body or would give us information if guilty. >> she hopes that one lead will come from torres. >> well, i hope and pray that with the holidays that the accused will feel the pressure and find it in his heart to come forward with the information necessary to locate sierra. >> he returns to court february 6th where he is scheduled to
5:36 pm
enter pleas for all the charges. >> the health and human services department reports there were 681,000 cases of child abuse nationwide last year. down 42,000 from 5 years ago. there were 1,570 abuse related deaths and that's down from 150 in 2007. last year in california there were 123 child abuse related deaths, the third highest behind texas and florida. >> children of illegal immigrants were on capitol hill trying to convince congress to end deportations. they had 10,000 letters written by children from across the country. it told stories of loss and separation when loved ones were deported. >> it's a problem because many of the children don't know where they're going to go. some of them can even go to foster care. there's not a lot of people that know about the situation that the kid themselves go
5:37 pm
through. president obama halted deportation for thousands of children last year. they promised to take up immigration reform in the new year. >> we're learning more about the terrifying last moments just before the plane crash that killed mexican american music super star jenni rivera. it went into a nose dive and dropped more than 28,000 feet. officials also is a the plane may have been going more than 600 miles per hour when it crashed in mexico. the u.s. national transportation safety board is sending a team to mexico to help investigate the crash. >> is your facebook status stressed out? how researchers say you can help keep calm by managing your activity in a specific way. >> and it may be high on some holiday shopping lists. why you may want to think twice before buying your child a television for their bedroom
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at least five suspects staged an armed robbery. one surrendered after a high speed chase but four other suspected robbers ran off and some of them are believed to be on the cal state campus.
5:41 pm
at this point students at cal state are being told to shelter in place. it's a developing story coming to us from southern california. we'll bring you new information rights here on ktvu channel 2. >> is facebook causing you stress? if so, you're not alone. they found that the more circles they were part of the more stress they felt. for example, a party picture their friends might find funny their parents or employer might find embarrassing and that might be why only 37% said they were facebook friend with their parents and only 15% were facebook friend with their employers. >> apple could be moving closer to the development of a long rumored apple tv. the wall street journal is reporting today that executives at some apple suppliers said the company had been testing designs for a large screen high definition set. two of them said that it assembles the iphone and the ipad and is working with japan's sharp on the project.
5:42 pm
in a recent broadcast interview apple's ceo tim cook said that television was an area of intense interest but getting your child a television of his or her own may not be in the child's best interest. they found that children that log their screen time in the bedroom have more belly fat, higher triglycerides and an overall greater risk of heart disease or diabetes. researchers followed more than 300 children and adolescents and found those that had a tv in their bedroom are two and a half times more likely to be overweight. >> they're taking steps to push outgrowing marijuana development outside. council members agreed the city should review an outdoor ban and have the city attorney write up a proposed ban. the issue came up because residents complained about the smell of pot growing operations
5:43 pm
that were outside and expressed concern about crime. >> it will be costly to move their operations indoors. >> it's 12/12/12. we'll show you the lines at the lottery county wasn'ter and how others are choosing to celebrate. >> it's going to be cold in your neighborhood tomorrow morning and i'll show you how cold it's going to get and there's more rain lining up. i'll let you know when that shows up
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5:46 pm
kara is live where a lot of people are hoping that some other numbers line up as beautifully as today's date. >> they are and a lot of people choosing lucky number 12, also we have seen a lot of folks buying a total of 12 tickets, many believing today is a lucky day. 12 noon at 12-12-12. they were among couples getting married today at city hall. >> it's 12-12-12. >> the bride said the symbolic date was her husband's idea. >> 12 is like a number of completion. like the 12 disciples, its repeated in many different ways, the number 12 in different religions so after i researched it i felt it was
5:47 pm
really significant and i'm happy to have a 12-12-12 wedding date. >> more reason to celebrate. >> such a treasure, such a gift. yeah. >> arrived on this date. >> she came into the world at 12:05 p.m. >> i'm not a superstitious person but it's cool how many times i have given my birth date to someone. >> stores held 12-12-12 sales and lottery sales were up for many retailers. many hoping the unique date will bring good luck. >> make sure i actually stop today. >> because it's 12-12-12 and i'm going to win. >> we have seen people lining up all day long here. workers telling me sales are up not by 12% but by about 15% today on this, what many people
5:48 pm
consider a lucky day. a woman pleaded guilty to embezzling more than a million and a half dollars from a real estate company. she pleaded guilty this week to two felony embezzlement counts and the penalty enhancement for white collar crime. she stole the money from the law firm and it's real estate company, parkway properties. under the plea deal, she will go to prison for six years and must pay back the money that she stole. a new poll out today shows hilary clinton would have a good shot at the presidency if she decides to run. 70% of americans have a mostly or very favorable view of hilary clinton and 6 in 10 voters said she would be a good or excellent presidential nominee in 2016. this is the 4th such poll in the past week with similar results. clinton said back in april that she's flattered about calls to run for president but at this
5:49 pm
point she isn't planning to do so. >> the luxury fashion retailer has chosen it's first bay area location and plans to open up a store in the valley fair mall next spring. it's part of prada and joining the high end jewelry store. they're reportedly trying to beef up luxury stores. lucky whale watchers are thrilled off a sight off the coast. a group of whales have been swimming for a week now. usually they're already south for the winter. some have seen as many as 8 whales in one day. they're the second largest whale. second only to the blue whale. >> it's been more than a month since super storm sandy hit the northeast coast and tonight some of music's biggest stars are getting together to help with the recovery effort. the 12-12-12 concert will feature performances from bon
5:50 pm
jovi, the rolling stones, bruce springá tien and others as well. money raise willed go to the robin hood relief fund. the event already raised $32 million through ticket sales and sponsorships. >> that's quite a line up. let's turn back now to bill. we had unsettled weather earlier today but now let's look forward. >> things are settled for the next few days but nothing big. they're all in the gulf of alaska. right now they're going to be cold and weak as they move through over the next 7 to 10 days. let me show you the pattern i'm talking about. they brought all the rain and came from a lower latitude. these storms are coming around -- that's a very cold air mass. it's very, very cool air. that's what we saw last night or this morning. that's what we're going to see again as we head into your friday as that next system gets close to us. the highs today were on the mild side or cool side if you
5:51 pm
will. this low pressure center brought rain, a light amount as it moved through it is very cool air. look for frostie conditions tomorrow morning. overnight lows with this cool air in the north bay valleys, low 30s, maybe freezing temperatures. but most low 30s and even in the low areas your temperatures are going to be in the 40s, low 40s. computer model, gives a few showers in the area. this is about 10:00 tonight, right? so we have a few stray showers around there. two hours ago we had stray showers but then it goes away. now we're into thursday morning, not bad, right? now we're into thursday afternoon. looks okay. you saw a little bit of activity here. that was wrap around moisture. looks like we're good all day thursday. watch this up over my shoulder. here's your friday morning, clouds increase, friday afternoon, this is the system we're tracking. it went right down the coast, didn't it? the model could do a lot with this thing. we have showers back in the forecast for friday. this one started way up there.
5:52 pm
the line i showed you, so this one will have low snow levels, have limited rainfall potential. could see some thunder showers from this but should be when you talk about rainfall acumulations, a pretty light deal. as we head into your saturday a few more clouds and another system teed up, very tim to the last one. -- very similar to the last one. i'm not thrilled about this pattern because it isn't the kind of productive pattern we like to see. when you're going to get storms you might as well get rain. there's your 5 day forecast with your weekend in view and, you know, on and off again. every other day we're going to have a brush with on of these -- just that little bit. turn your wipers on for a second and turn them off. >> what's the point? a quarter inch or more is what i like to see. >> thank you bill. when we come back, new information about the developing situation where students have been told to smelter in place due to robbery suspects possibly on the campus. >> also take a look at this
5:53 pm
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>> you can see here this is the view from above the campus and
5:56 pm
boy it sure looks quite because students have been ordered to essentially shelter in place and go inside and lock the buildings as police are looking for as many as four suspects after an armed robbery took place at a jewelry store not far away from the campus. as a helicopter gives us a much broader view here, you see a spotlight from i'm assuming a helicopter above and there's a number of streets that appear to be blocked off. no one is coming in or out of this campus here. now it started with an armed robbery at a jewelry store. five suspects robbed that jewelry store and then took off. there was a high speed chase. when the chase ended five people got out of the car and one of them was detained. that leaves four suspects still at large and some police believe that some or all of them may still be here on campus.
5:57 pm
there is a campus wide search going on and at this point these police vehicles are going to stay on the scene. we're also going to keep monitoring developments there in orange county. we'll bring you the very latest on this developing story coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> police are hoping you'll call them if you recognize a person involved in a package theft case. investigators posted this video on youtube yesterday. surveillance cameras caught these imagines of a man approaching a home on logan drive on saturday. he grabs a package from the front doorstep and goes back to his car in front of the house. police stay car might be a honda civic. freemont police are asking if you recognize the man or the car to please give them a call. >> in our news room we just got off the phone with governor approximate jerry browns office and coming up for you what we now learned about what the governor did just days before today's announcement that he is receiving treatment for prostate cancer and how his condition did not appear to be
5:58 pm
slowing him down. >> and a unique job placement program for veterans back from war and the success that could put it out of business
5:59 pm

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